Step wholesale Reebok: online sale The Power Workout sale

Step wholesale Reebok: online sale The Power Workout sale

Step wholesale Reebok: online sale The Power Workout sale


Product Description

Second in the Step Reebok series, this tough workout adds the hops, leaps, jumps and explosive propulsion steps known as power moves. This athletic choreographed workout features step creator Gin Miller, with her expert voice cues and directional hand signals. It s easy to follow and provides just enough diversity to offer a challenging, fun workout. The Power Workout, with its motivating music provided by a live on-set band, quality MTV style production, and a futuristic industrial set, is a solid high impact / intensity workout and step fan favorite. Total Time: 50 minutes Workout Time: 41 minutes Type: Cardio Step Levels: Intermediate to Advanced Choreography: Basic Athletic Equipment required: step platform


I need more than 5 stars to rate this workout! Almost 20 years have gone by since I first did this workout, and I still think it is the most effective workout available. --Natalie N.

I''ve been doing this video off and on since 1997. Wore out my VHS. Glad to find the DVD because without a doubt, it''s STILL the best workout tape I''ve ever used. Simple enough to get through, challenging enough that the way you get through is a ongoing accomplishment. --Yvonne L

Ok ladies, I had the original VHS and fell in love w/ working out! The music is awesome, Gin is clear with instruction, and once you complete it you feel like a total bad-ass! I have battled cellulite and fleshy legs since my late teen years, but remedied the situation in my twenties w/ this workout. Well, fast-forward, I''m 40 years of age and working out again, but nothing gets the blood circulating through these legs like the power workout. Kicks butt and fun to boot! YOU ROCK GIN MILLER!! --Lynn M

About the Actor

Gin Miller is a highly-acclaimed, award-winning fitness professional, having appeared in over 40 workouts, and best known as the creator of step. Throughout her 20+ years in the industry, Gin has researched & developed new concepts / programs in fitness. Appreciated for her warmth, humor and expert cuing & instruction, Gin has educated thousands of fitness professionals world-wide and is a favorite of home workout enthusiasts.

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